Ahwatukee Window Repair & Glass Replacement Services

Superior Replacement Windows provides window and glass replacement services for homes and commercial buildings in the greater Ahwatukee Foothills area. We offer a complete range of glass windows, glass doors and architectural glass products for repairing, remodeling or restoring your property. Our glass company is full service and our glaziers perform all installations onsite. As a glass contractor, you can rest assured we are licensed, bonded and insured and all of our services are backed by a written warranty.

Snapshot of our Glass Repair Services:

  1. Cracking or Inoperable Windows – Frames that are hard to open may be blocked by rust, chips of wood, or hardened paint. This can be fixed by sanding, scraping hardened paint and cleaning tracks. If you have historic windows that may have toxic lead paint, please hire professional window restoration services for your safety.
  2. Broken Panes – There’s no need to replace the entire window if the frame is still intact and it is not a sealed unit. If the window is a dual pane or even triple pane, the entire unit will need to be replaced. This involves removing shards and scraping away the putty the seals the original glass. You can opt in replacing the broken glass with energy efficient ones.
  3. Chips and Cracks – Golf balls, rocks and a stray BB are common occurrences for star shaped chips in exterior windows. Household glass can also suffer from accidental impacts, leading to cracking. Because insulated glass units are sealed, replacement of chipped and cracked windows is the only option.
  4. Broken or Bent Frame – If left broken and unsealed this damage can affect the heating and insulation of your home, especially during winter. If the damage is just minimal or in small patches, this can still be repaired. However, for entire frames, it might cost same as replacing the entire window.
  5. Foggy Streaks – Changes in temperature can affect the seals and may cause condensation between insulated windows. An easy repair can be done by refitting or replacing the sash.
  6. Sticking Rollers – The rollers on outside edges of the frame can wear or rust, leaving them inoperable. This is especially true with sliding glass doors where the load is heavier than normal.
  7. Torn Window Screens – Accidents happen and screens can get torn ripped or bent. Replacing the entire screen is typically the only option unless the mesh can be reinserted into the screen frame.

Window Repair vs. Replacement

Some of these window repairs may involve glass and frame replacements. If this is the case, choose energy-efficient windows to upgrade your indoor insulation efficiency. Vinyl is a good and cheap choice; the material does not need to be painted and can withstand changes in temperature. On the other hand, wood frames can be more expensive and needs maintenance but offers better insulation value. If you’re house or building is located within humid climate zones, aluminum windows are among the best and most practical choices, due to its durability.

You can also upgrade on the type of window glass for better insulation. Low-emissivity glass is highly recommended for houses that are located within winter zones or north facing. Emissivity is the ability of a material to radiate heat or energy. Low-E glass rating means heat from your home won’t escape easily out of the window. Your house can retain the heat inside especially during winter and this means you’ll lower your energy bills because the HVAC system isn’t overworked.

On the other hand, some rooms in the house do not need overheating especially during summer. South facing windows can be replaced with solar control glass that bounces back heat out of the house but retain natural light. This way, you can lower down your costs from your air conditioning and cooling systems.

Our Awhatukee Glass Repair Process

Our window repair specialists will travel to your Awhatukee home or office to assess any damage and provide a clear course of action. We’ve seen it all and can recommend an affordable window or glass repair that fits your budget. Reliability and quality are our main concern so we will give you the best advice based on the type of property and situation. You’ll find our technicians reliable, trustworthy and clean. Every Awhatukee window repair job is inspected for proper seal and window function.

Tub enclosures and glass shower doors are repaired and replaced by expert glaziers. These glass technicians go through extensive training to measure, cut and install decorative shower and tub glass.

For a free window repair quote in Awhatukee or Foothills, Arizona, call Superior Replacement Windows or request a free estimate online.

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