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You probably take your windows for granted. They help you see outside to keep an eye on the world and they protect the integrity of your house. But you don’t take time out of your day to think about the specific types of windows until you need to replace some in your home. At Superior Replacement Windows in Awhatukee, there are a number of options in terms of style, glass thickness and more. Here are some of the residential and commercial products Superior Replacement Windows offers:

Energy Efficient Windows

When you have to replace windows in your home or business, you want something energy efficient. It will cost up front, but you will save more on your energy bills when you get dual pane, triple pain, or Eglass windows.

Glass Shower Doors

Shower curtains get sticky, old and moldy and they don’t always look very nice. Glass shower doors are a great alternative to the standard shower curtain. They streamline the style of the bathroom and they are easy to clean and maintain.

Sliding Glass Doors

If you have a back porch or walk out basement, sliding glass doors are a good option. You can slide them open and shut with ease and allow more natural light into the room. You can put a screen door on the outside and leave one of the doors open when it’s nice, without worrying about it slamming shut.

Glass Patio Doors

If you have a nice outdoor living area, you want to be able to see it at all times. Glass Patio Doors give you the view you want while allowing natural light into your home with ease. There’s no reason to completely shut the house up from one side to another, even when you’re talking about indoor and outdoor areas.

Glass Tub Enclosures

Taking a luxurious bath is a wonderful thing, but sometimes it gets chilly. Having a glass tub enclosure can keep the heat in around the tub while allowing you to view the rest of the room and other areas.

Window Screens

If you can open your windows, you will want to have screens on them. Screens keep the bugs and other things from getting into your home. Opening windows is a great way to let in fresh air, but screens are a must.

Architectural Glass

If you want a unique look for your home or business, decorative glass that can be textured in a number of different ways can really enhance the aesthetics.


It is hard to let enough light into certain rooms, like a bathroom or an enclosed kitchen. When you don’t want to give up wall space, but want more light, skylights are a great answer.

Storefront Glass

You want your storefront to attract attention and that means the right glass. Dual pane glass will keep the heat and air conditioning in while allowing natural light to shine through as well.

Tabletop Glass

Tables that have glass tops are very attractive and they make the room look and feel bigger. If you have a table you like, you can get class cut to put inside it.

Household Glass

There are a number of options for household window and glass needs. Dual pane is a popular option for energy efficiency, safety, and aesthetic appeal.

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