About Us

About Us

An Ahwatukee Born Window & Glass Company

We are a family owned and operated windows and glass contractor servicing the Ahwatukee Foothills. We pride ourselves in offering the best glass at affordable prices. Our glaziers are glass professionals and work with both residential and commercial glass projects every day. Our relationship with the village of Ahwatukee started back in 2004 when we first started our window repair and glass replacement company. At that time we only had one truck and worked out of our home. Over the past 12 years our commitment to doing right by the customer has grown our referral business and we had to move into a warehouse area in Phoenix. Ahwatukee is still our home and we take pride in servicing our community. Please call us today for window or glass questions you may have.

About Ahwatukee

The urban village of Ahwatukee Foothills is located in Phoenix, Arizona. Shaped like a triangle, this area shares borders with the Indian Gila River Community on the west and south, Guadalupe Road and South Mountain Park on the north, and Interstate ten and the cities of Guadalupe, Tempe and Chandler on the east. Ahwatukee was annexed by Phoenix City from 1982 to 1987, prior to significant population growth. Nonetheless, most residents of the village do not regard their territory as part of Phoenix. Mainly, this is because of its’ isolated position (Ahwatukee is separated from Phoenix’s other urban villages by South Mountain Park and South Mountain).

Indeed, because access to the village is limited (several bridges along Interstate ten offer the only entry route), it is often referred to as the biggest cul-de-sac in the world. In the near future though, this nickname will not apply, because the village will acquire an exit on the west – after the proposed Loop 202 freeway is built. This will link the I-10 western border to the eastern border I-10, via Ahwatukee’s border on the south. The building of this freeway was vigorously contested.

Thanks to its’ location near to South Mountain Park, Ahwatukee boasts several options for outdoor activities, such as hiking, cycling, soccer and baseball. Also, the community of Club West has an active volleyball club, which offers volleyball classes for local residents during the year. Road cycling clubs use the Ahwatukee hills (close to fifth avenue), the Desert Foothills Parkway and Pecos Road for scenic rides and training. Frequently, park and ride locations are used as starting points for cyclists from outside the village. For hiking, Pima Canyon, Beverly Canyon and Telegraph Pass are all common trails, with many others available too.

As far as climate goes, Ahwatukee get about 150 mm (six inches) of rain each year. Over the winter, temperatures are moderate and the average daily high is roughly nineteen Degrees Celsius (sixty-seven Degrees Fahrenheit). During summertime, the highest daily temperature is roughly forty-one Degrees Celsius (106 Degrees Fahrenheit). This is similar to the temperature in Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport City, which is virtually straight to the north of central Ahwatukee, on South Mountain Park’s northern side. In this area, snow does not usually fall, however sometimes it is seen on the mountain range of Sierra Estrella in the southwest. Also, occasionally in the foothills, hail has been known to fall.

The right windows can transform your home from ordinary to extraordinary. The right windows can brighten up your home; they can rejuvenate a room or turn a room into an oasis. Our repair and replacement experts know windows and we will help you find the right one to enhance the beauty of your Ahwatukee home.

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