Repair Services Update

Repair Services Update

Our High-Value Service Offerings in Awhatukee

Windows are a vital component of a building because they allow sunlight to penetrate inside a building, improving lighting, adding warmth and enhancing ventilation. However, windows can also have a negative impact on the comfort levels inside a building. For instance, if poorly maintained, they can allow heat loss during winter, causing a building to be too cold and consequently driving up the heating costs. Fortunately, a good window replacement contractor, such as Superior Replacement Windows, can help you keep your windows in pristine condition and prevent such problems. More specifically, Superior Replacement Windows offers the following glass replacement services:

Energy Efficient Window Installation

According to data from the US Department of Energy (DOE), windows account for 10 to 20% of the average American homeowners’ heating expenditure via heat loss. To prevent this from happening in your home, install energy efficient windows. Research carried out at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL) found that doing so can reduce annual heating expenses by anywhere from $27 to $465. Luckily, Superior Replacement Windows can help you realize similar savings by installing gas filled, dual pane, triple pane and E-pane energy efficient windows in your home. We only use the highest quality windows by Superior Replacement Windows of Awatukee Foothills, Arizona. Additionally, Superior Replacement Windows also offers energy efficient windows with spectrally selective coatings that prevent fading/discoloring of household items exposed to direct sunlight.

Window Glass Repair

In some cases, repairing cracked/chipped windowpanes is the most desirable and viable option. This is true for homes that still have stained glass windows dating back to the 1880-1930 era or even earlier. According to the Technical Preservation Services department of the US National Park Service (NPS), a considerable number of private and public buildings have historic and irreplaceable windows made by US glass manufacturers like Glaztech, Oldcastle and TruLite dating as far back as the Civil War era. If your home falls in this category, the NPS recommends hiring experts who can clean and repair such windowpanes without causing further damage. This is where Southern Windows comes in because it has the technical expertise and knowhow required to restore any cracked glass windows in your home. Other window repair services include replacing seals and replacing rollers.

New Construction, Remodeling, Renovation or Build-Out Window Installation

Besides the reasons above, you may want to install new windows in a newly constructed, remodeled, renovated, or built-out commercial or residential building. Once again, Superior Replacement Windows has this base covered with exceptional services. To start with, property owners can choose from a wide of window and glass products required when installing sliding, fixed, picture, casement, garden, and double hung windows. In addition, you can choose various types of energy efficient windows such as dual pane and gas filled. After selecting windows that suit your preferences and home décor, Superior’s skilled technicians will carry out installation according to your specifications.

Summary of Window and Glass Services

The windows in your home play a big role in improving curb appeal, indoor natural lighting, heat retention and market value if ever you decide to sell. To get the best results, you should consider hiring a reputable window replacement and repair contractor such as Superior Replacement Windows. We offer a wide range of services including installation of energy efficient windows and repair of damaged windowpanes.

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