Top Reasons Double Pane Window Glass Needs Replacement

Top Reasons Double Pane Window Glass Needs Replacement

Considering Window Replacement? Read This First.

At Superior Replacement Windows we consult with many customers in Ahwatukee on the right time to consider window replacement or glass replacement. In most situations, the decision comes down to how long the homeowner or commercial building owner plans on keeping the property. Replacement windows are the more expensive option and are usually considered during a remodeling project where the home will be flipped for a profit or if the owner plans to live in the home long term and benefit from the energy savings the latest dual pane or triple pane glass technology provides.

Dual pane or single pane glass replacement is an incremental improvement at only half the cost of full window replacement. If your current window frames are functioning fine and are cosmetically acceptable, replacing the window glass with low-e coated glass and new window seals can save energy and  Defects on window panes are specified according to the type of window glass. The single and double pane windows are widely preferred.

Reasons for Window or Glass Replacement

  • Broken glass panes

The most common reason for window glass replacement is chips in the glass or broken panes. Windows with single pane are made of single layer of glass while the double pane insulated windows consist of two panes of glass that have a gap between them. Double pane glass units are sealed in our factory and custom made to fit your existing window frames.

  • Foggy window panes

The double pane allows an air space which provides a good insulation blanket between you and the outside elements. These type of window panes are great and premeditated to be used widely in the country. However, a huge problem is when moisture finds its way in between the sheets of glasses, therefore making the windows look foggy. The foggy problem can, therefore, be solved with a variety of options with consideration of whether the house is made of wood or stone building.

  • Reduce heating and cooling bills

You should consider replacing windows panes if your home is older and did not have advanced low-e coatings that are available today. Many homes in Ahwatukee were built with sun exposure on windows that do not have energy efficient coatings that reflect UV rays and improve thermal performance. Upgrading your dual pane window glass on windows that get direct sunlight can see an immediate improvement and energy savings.

Steps to Dual Pane Window Glass Replacement

Double pane window glass replacement in Ahwatukee Phoenix AZ
Glazier Replacing a Dual Pane Glass Unit

If you have found that one of your windows is foggy or has a crack in the glass, there’s no need for replacing the whole window. A foggy window mostly appears in double pane windows in which, moisture gets between the two glasses where there’s a broken seal, and the fog increases with time hence looking messy. Replace the sealed glass unit where it has been tampered with or the altered dual pane insulated unit. In this case, you need to perform the following foggy window glass replacement steps.

  1. Remove the old sealed glass window part- start by carefully removing the PVC beads to remove the damaged seal glass unit of your window. If the glass is cracked, you should be extra cautious not to be cut by the broken pieces. It’s important to note that glass repair should be handled with proper care and caution.
  2. Measure — carefully measure the height, width and the thickness of the sealed glass. It’s usually between ½” to 1″ in thickness.
  3. Replace — return the old sealed window unit perfectly into the frame then replace the PVC bead strips for glass replacement.

Steps to Single Pane Window Glass Replacement

The most fragile and highly vulnerable is a single pane window which easily succumbs to cracks. Replacing single pane glass takes a skilled glazier, especially when repairing older windows that have putty seals holding the glass in place.

  1. The first step is pulling the window trim or removing the putty and then removing the window glass. Safety equipment should be used and extreme caution should be taken when handling the glass.
  2. Next, cut a new piece of glass to fit the window frame. Install the new glass into the frame using a silicone sealant.
  3. Replace the window trim or putty to secure the glass in place. This should turn the appearance back to normal with your window in good shape.

Hiring a Window Glass Replacement Professional

Some competent DIY enthusiasts may consider replacing a single or dual pane piece of glass themselves, however, hiring a professional glazier like Fast Glass is a wise choice for most who don’t have the equipment to properly transport, handle and install glass back to the original manufacturers specifications. Depending on the type of window frame and application, glass installation can be a complicated procedure.

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